Question about the price of Wedding Coordinators

I roam the FB Bridal Groups time to time looking at what people need help with.

Sometimes the way questions are worded come off condescending but really its because couples are not educated on what we do. 

This was the question: 

Miss A, We are not having a fancy wedding. We have planned most of it in order to reduce the cost of a Wedding just to coordinate everything on the day we’re getting quoted up to $2000. Is it for real!? For 2 emails, 1 meeting & 10 hours of work on the day?
For starters, no hate but they didn't see our worth because they have no idea what the Coordinator offers. What was Miss A being told that she thought a Coordinator simply rocks up on the day and send 2 emails & 1 meeting? 
My response....
Hi Miss A
As a Wedding Planner they/we are worth our weight in gold. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of education on what we do as it is not so popular to have a Planner or Coordinator in our area of the world as yet, so one may think that Coordinators just rock up on the day for a few hours but to be honest that is not really the work they/we are paid for.
This isn't to attack you sometimes words can be misunderstood but so that other Brides/couples can also see what they/we do. I no longer offer coordination only services but believe me it is much more of a task to take on someone else's wedding than for a Wedding Planner to Plan, style and coordinate a couples wedding because coordinators come in right at the end and have no idea what the conversations have been agreed with all vendors. We need to get up to speed, which is sometimes 12 months worth of conversations to catch up on.
We need to ensure:
- all vendors know that we are the point of contact on the day - Usually several emails
- we liaise with the vendors to ensure that all payments are made and if they are missing any information
- we liaise with the venue for all communication for timelines, seating, bump in and outs
- We ensure that your timeline is correct and actually achievable, allocating your main meal to go out 5 minutes before the Grooms speech and no service held will ensure that they no one will hear his speech. (This only comes with experience.)
- We make sure that you are on track and assist with any last minute plans
- We liaise and coordinate the bump in and out of vendors. Many venues they can't all come at the same time, there has to be a flow. No point of having the florist come at 10am and the arbour isn't being delivered until 1pm. Who then installs the flowers?
- they will ensure that if Aunty May received the nuts and she is allergic or there is a seating issue, you will know nothing about it and the coordinator will make sure that your guest is comfortably seated.
- They/we have the entire wedding on our hands, anything that goes wrong and things do especially if we haven't planned them, we have to be quick thinkers, tackle everything without you or your guests noticing
- Some coordinators collect or store your small items until the wedding day so you aren't running around with it the day of or the day before
- Some coordinators then set your small items on the tables, others assist with setting up
- you also then pay for the experience you receive from that business, the service and quality.
- They/we coordinate several weddings a year we know venues off the back of our hands and if they dont they know the questions to ask the venue manager. Majority of people are only married once and when attending as a guest don't notice all the details and logistics that goes behind an event.
- Then there are business expenses, taxes, gst, insurances, petrol, online programs to make it easier for clients to use.
- They/we treat every wedding with respect regardless whether your spending $5k or $100k on your wedding. It's your special day.
To be honest if there are coordinators our there charging anything less. I would be considering what they are offering for that price is mostly a setup service and not actual coordination.
I happy to make suggestions but they are all in that price range if not more. I would consider asking for a payment arrangement to be in good hands. 
I used to feel as though it was an attack on our industry but really it's not. It's a limited understanding because couples don't get married every day but we get our couples married every day. Even if your married twice that doesn't assume you are a pro at planning & designing a wedding. I mean I'm a good cook, my family loves my cooking but I am no Chef. The insight and the expertise he/she has goes beyond my experience and training. 
So really it shows that we really need to educate our couples when they get engaged. They have no understanding that a Full Service Wedding Planner is actually 5 careers rolled into one. 
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