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I am the Creative Director & an avid coffee lover. Weddings & Events are my passion. I make sure that each and every event Iā€™m involved with is inspiring, extraordinary, and truly unforgettable. The look, the smell, the candlelight, the florals, the feel of the linen. I live & breath inspirational events for our amazing clients.

On the other side of being a Creative I also have a very good eye for the finer details as I have come from a Management & Project Management background. Your event is more than a checklist.

Most importantly I am an Australian Accredited Wedding Planner, Designer, Stylist & Coordinator.

I am very blessed & Im grateful for my life every morning when I wake up. I was involved in a hit & run a few years ago (me as in the body not the car). I truly and utterly believe life should be celebrated, it's too short not to celebrate every chance you can.

My why is you! Celebrating life, celebrating another day! It's a gift, it's not a given and in today's world where we grind so hard I wanted to be able to give my clients an amazing planning experience and an event that gives you the WOW factor! To bring your friends & family together making those unforgettable memories to keep for eternity. That when you in your 90's you can reminisce those dance moves on the dance floor and how pretty the room looked when you walked in & the taste of the cake. I'm a sentimental at heart, I think of how I want you to remember your day in 10, 20 or even 50 years to come.

I am a self taught florist, a trained DJ by DJ FADJ, Architectural & Interior Designer & I have a never ending bucket list because life is too short.
Women's Empowerment & Dementia are very close to my heart.

I truly believe if you want something enough, you need to make room in your life, work at it and don't give up.

Vicky xxx
EST 2018

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