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The DIY Wedding Planning Process as a couple

Photography by Jemma Keech
Planning a wedding is an exciting & intricate endeavor that requires careful attention to detail, coordination, and decision-making. While the time spent planning a wedding can vary greatly depending on individual preferences and circumstances, it is not uncommon for you to invest a significant number of hours to bring their dream wedding to life.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
On average, DIY couples spend approximately 200 to 300 hours planning their wedding. It includes tasks such as selecting a venue, choosing vendors, creating a guest list, designing invites, deciding on décor & themes, organising logistical aspects. The complexity & scale of the wedding, as well as the level of involvement, can greatly influence the total time spent.
In the initial stages, you often invest time in researching & visiting potential venues, meeting different vendors & gathering inspo. These activities alone consume several hours, especially if you explore various options, compare prices, services & packages. As planning progresses, you then spend time fine-tuning details, making decisions on menu, florals, music, photography, among other elements.
Planning also involves frequent communication & coordination with vendors, venue managers & other service providers. This includes attending meetings, exchanging emails, phone calls, reviewing contracts & quotes. You dedicate hours to address questions, negotiate terms, & ensure all arrangements align with your vision and budget. That's if you know what you are doing.
You then need to allocate significant time to tasks such as creating, managing the guest list, tracking RSVPs, arranging transport & accommodations for out-of-town guests.
That doesn't include setting up, packing down and so forth. I mean you could always do it the easy way and hire a Wedding Planner to do it for you!
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