Event Planner, Business Owner, Mum: A Day in The Life

I am a full-time event planner, a full-time business owner and a full-time mum, amongst many other roles. Although it’s tough at times (early mornings, I’m looking at you), I wouldn’t change it for anything! Here’s a little snippet of what a day in the life of a busy event planner can look like…

The alarm sounds at 6:30am, signalling the start of another action-packed day. First things first; coffee! Without my daily caffeine hit I would be completely useless. I’d probably send my kids to school wearing their pyjamas and wonder why their teacher was calling to ask if I was ok. Coffee is a must.

Ok, once the caffeine has done its job it’s time to wake up the kids and get them ready for school (in full uniform, thanks to the coffee). Then we focus on any leftover cleaning and prepping dinner in the slow cooker for the night to come. Slow cookers are an absolute life saver. You get home and all the hard work is already done for you! 

Once that’s all sorted, the kids are dropped off at school and I make a beeline for the gym. This is where I find my Zen and fit in a little “me” time. I’ll generally listen to podcasts about business, events, and health as I work out. This gets me in the perfect frame of mind to tackle the busy day I know I’ve got ahead of me.

To the office we go! We open for business at midday, so I aim to be there a little earlier to work through my to-do list that I made for myself the night before. Once 12pm hits the fun really begins! 

A day in the office will generally consist of designing floor plans, liaising with providers and contacting clients to keep them in the loop about their upcoming weddings, birthdays and other events. We don’t stay solely in the office all day either. We may venture out to pick up RSVPs for our clients and enter them into our system. That way our clients don’t have to worry about those little mundane tasks. It also keeps us as the central point of contact so we can ensure everything flows smoothly. 

Sometimes we meet clients at the warehouse or visit a hire company with them so they can have a better idea of the products we offer and make educated decisions about their plans. I’ve even taken a client to the flower markets before so that she could physically view the options available. She could touch, feel, and smell each flower which improved her confidence in the decision she ended up making.

At times, visiting a function centre or ceremony centre is also on the cards. We like to scope out the venues to make sure they have everything our clients need. It’s also a good opportunity to speak with the managers and start growing a solid partnership with them.

Once the to-do list has been checked off it’s time to pick the kids up from school, put the finishing touches on a delicious dinner, finish up with cleaning the house, then put the kids to bed.

The work doesn’t stop there! Because we open shop at 12pm, we stay open until later in the evening. This allows our clients to touch base via Skype or phone call to discuss their upcoming events and update them on what’s done and what’s left to do. Most of our clients are working professionals so providing them the option to contact us outside of regular business hours just makes sense.

Once the last phone call has been made it’s usually getting on in the night. I’ll take a little time out for myself. Maybe watch some TV or read a book. Sometimes I’ll keep working until later in the night to get ahead of myself the next morning. Then, it’s off to bed to prepare for the 6:30am wake up and we’ll do it all again.

It’s busy and it’s stressful but event planning is what I love to do and it’s what I do best. I’m living my best life, are you? 

Do you love your job? Are you working in an industry that you’re passionate about? Let me know in the comments.

Much love,

Vicky xx

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